Children in Worship

Children and Worship is a program that invites children 3-years-old to 2nd Grade to joyfully worship God in an age sensitive manner.  Children and their adult worship leaders experience the wonder and mystery of God through a unique storytelling format and an interactive response time.

Children are invited to journey from the sanctuary to the Children & Worship room after the Children’s Sermon.  Children & Worship ends at 10:40 AM and the children are escorted to the Fellowship Hall where they eat a snack before beginning their Sunday School singing.

The Children & Worship program will be taking the summer off.  The last meeting will be Sunday, June 11th.  Sessions will resume the Sunday after Labor Day.  Three-year-olds and children new to the congregation are invited to join the program at the annual orientation program held every September.

Contact: Heidi Braker  (920) 210-1346