History & 100th Anniversary
Blessed to be a Blessing - 1908-2008

First Reformed Church is a member of the Reformed Church in America, the oldest Protestant denomination in America with a continuous history. It was established in New York in 1628. It is a historic denomination coming out of the Reformation when the Church was "reformed" according to the Word of God. The Church is Reformed in belief, with a Presbyterian form of government.


What really prompted a number of families to organize a church in Randolph?  We would have to go back to 1908!

The Dutch families started migrating to America in the later 1800's and early 1900's and many of them settled around the Friesland area.  It was at that time that the First Dutch Reformed Church was built in Friesland.  As more and more families immigrated to the Friesland area, and as the older children grew up and married, they started to branch out into the Randolph area, buying and renting farms there.   Some moved into the village.  Those were the horse and buggy days.  To drive to church from Randolph and even east and south of Randolph with horses was time consuming and uncomfortable to say the least.  They could get caught in snowstorms and thunderstorms.  Many lived 5 to 10 miles from church.

In 1908, they decided to organize and build a church in Randolph.  This church still stands on the north edge of Randolph and now is a warehouse for PHE Electric.  The building contract read that it was to cost $1800 to build; $600 to be paid at the start of construction, $600 when it was at a certain point and $600 when completed.  You could not paint or shingle it for that today.

The church grew so fast that in about 1920 it was decided to build an addition to the church.  The church served its purpose until 1961 when a new church was built on the south side of town.

(Written by Ben Westra - January 23, 1994)

And that is where it all began - with someone having a vision for the future of the First Reformed Church of Randolph, Wisconsin.